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You’ll also pay a dividend fee when you use a DEGIRO Custody account. Right now, the fee is 1 EUR + 3% of the dividend. It caps at 10% of the total dividend. We’ll talk more about the difference between accounts later in the DEGIRO review.

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Traders with a day trader account can enjoy the variable spread, and there is no requirement for the initial deposit. There are no commission fees, and the traders can avail of 1:100 leverage. Users choose this account because of the availability of derivatives, and traders can purchase up to 100% of the available margin. Additionally, there are extra margins available, specifically during open trading hours.
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La création d’un compte est la première étape pour investir sur DEGIRO. Pour ouvrir un compte, cliquez ici. Ensuite, suivez les indications suivantes Remplissez des informations requises dans le formulaire d’inscription : nom, prénom, adresse, numéro de téléphone, etc… Une fois toutes les informations remplies, vous devez sélectionner le site de trading que vous souhaitez utiliser, ainsi que le type de compte que vous souhaitez ouvrir. Répondez aux questions sur votre situation financière, votre emploi et sur vos connaissances en trading Validez votre compte en faisant vérifier votre lieu de résidence et votre identité en envoyant certains documents requis par l’opérateur.
The Management Board has today decided to make significant changes to the price structure at DEGIRO, it's leading European online brokerage brand. Price changes include commission-free US trading in all DEGIRO markets, commission-free trading on the leading local exchanges in the most important growth countries France, Spain, Portugal and Italy as well as in Sweden and Denmark, flat handling fees and market-leading fx rates. Commission-free trading for DEGIRO customers will start already on 22 November 2021. Other changes are expected to take effect on 21 December 2021.

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Nachdem die Banken, u.a. Flatex mit Zinsen kein Geld mehr verdienen schrauben sie an den Gebühren.

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Interessant ist die Frage, wo werden die meisten Trades abgeschlossen: Hier eine Übersicht:

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If you’re looking to buy international stocks – such as those based in the US, Germany, or Australia – the fees that you pay will vary depending on the specific market. While listing each and every fee for all 50 exchanges is beyond the remit of this Degiro review, we’ll explore some of the most popular markets.

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    DEGIRO transaction fees are nothing but commission fees charged while making trades on the platform. Most trading fees have the following two components – a variable rate and a base rate – based on the volume or amount of the order. The fees DEGIRO charged on the account in the above two parts, and the same are reflected in the Account Statement. All in all, the fees DEGIRO charges are completely transparent and are displayed during a trade. To know more and compare its fee structure visit the website.

    Those who are interested in giving DEGIRO a try and are looking for English-speaking customer service should know that this Dutch broker offers just that.
    In any case, third parties can carry out technical analysis if desired. Usually, this is not associated with any costs and switching between DEGIRO and a third-party provider is not a problem at all. In addition, it must also be pointed out that the broker offers a so-called WebApp. This app allows traders to manage their portfolios on the go, which is a great plus in our DEGIRO review.

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    The information contained in this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. The material does not contain (and should not be construed as containing) investment advice or an investment recommendation, or, an offer of or solicitation for, a transaction in any financial instrument.

    Degiro kann keine direkte Banklizenz aufweisen, wird aber von der niederländischen Behörde für Finanzmärkte und der niederländischen Zentralbank überwacht. Seit der Übernahme durch Flatex ist zudem die Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin) für Degiro zuständig. Ebenso kann Degiro auf die Banklizenz von Flatex zurückgreifen.
    If you want to contact DEGIRO, you can contact the Service Desk between 7AM and 9PM. Your options include:

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    Od roku 2014 přinášíme hodnotné články ze světa online obchodování, financí a investic. Ať už jste začátečník či expert, zajímají vás kryptoměny, akcie, osobní finance či legislativa, u nás získáte cenné know-how, rady i inspiraci.

    Ultimately, from a safety and security perspective it is difficult to find fault with how DEGIRO operates.
    Our tip: What if you could avoid or delay the second fee? In other words, why not just keep the USD in a cash balance and not convert it automatically to EUR every time you decide to sell? A good solution would be to set a manual conversion and create a USD cash account (it takes a few minutes). So, you could keep a certain USD amount in your Degiro account and pay no commission until you decide to convert it back to EUR. Even on that occasion (it will eventually arrive), you just need to automatically convert (0.10% fee), or you may choose to convert with a cost of 10€ + 0.02% manually. This last option only compensates for amounts over 12 500€.

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    ETFs are also available in a number of other European markets, as well as Hong Kong and Singapore. Unusually, DEGIRO does not permit ETF trading on the two major US exchanges, the NYSE and NASDAQ.

    When it comes to mutual funds, the fee structure works in a slightly different way. This works out at 0.1% of the total investment amount, and then a flat fee of €7.50. You will also need to pay an annual maintenance fee of 0.2%.
    DEGIRO bietet dir eine große Auswahl an gängigen Wertpapieren.Du kannst klassische Anlageprodukte wie Aktien, Anleihen und ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) kaufen. Dabei stehen dir verschiedene Börsen deutschland- und weltweit zur Verfügung, an denen du deine Orders platzieren kannst. Wertpapiere deutscher Unternehmen werden dabei in der Regel entweder an der Börse Frankfurt oder über die Xetra gehandelt. Außerbörslicher Handel ist nicht möglich.

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Your UK passport will allow you access to DEGIRO for now, but it’s unclear how this will progress once the Temporary Permissions Regime has expired. . If you are a dual-citizen and hold a passport from another EU country, then you can technically use DEGIRO, but you will still need a European bank account. For example, if you also hold citizenship in the Republic of Ireland, you need to fund your account with a bank in the Republic of Ireland. Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Estonia Latvia Lithuania Malta Romania Transferring Your Investments to DEGIRO

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Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, but in DEGIROs defence I would argue that everything you have said is pretty normal no matter what platform you use. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Equity Income Funds Mutual Funds Green Investment Funds Index Funds Guide to REITS

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